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Are Chiropractors Doctors?

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One prevalent misconception surrounding chiropractors is that they are not “real” doctors or health professionals, and that consequently laser therapy clinics, decompression therapy, and other procedures are unstructured or unregulated. But in truth, Chiropractors are licensed health care providers in every state in the U.S. and in dozens of countries around the world. In order to become a chiropractor, a…
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Spinal Health

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Your spine provides you with movement and supports your head, shoulders and pelvic girdle. It protects your central nervous system and allows it to function properly through the spinal cord, which controls the function of every cell tissue and organ in the human body. To put it simply, a healthy spine is crucial to maintaining an overall healthy body. Here…
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What is a Bulging Disc?

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  Bulging discs are quite a common ailment in both young adults and elderly persons. Some bulging discs may present few or next to no symptoms while others can manifest through muscle weakness, pain or numbness in the spine, or other parts of the body. Generally they are not very serious and are definitely no reason to panic. Here’s why:…
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Back Pain Remedies

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If you have excruciating back pain see a chiropractor. Now for all of the rest of you who are reading, do you have some minor back pains that you want to get rid of? Have you tried everything and received no relief? There are a lot of little things that you can do that will make that back pain dissipate…
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Laser Therapy Treatment

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At Advantage Spine and Disc, we offer a laser therapy treatment for our patients. Since we have multiple lasers, we are able to customize your treatment and relieve the pain you are experiencing. Benefits of laser therapy -Improves and promotes healing and tissue repair -Faster recovery time -Muscle relaxation -Less inflammation -Reduced pain What to expect? During your laser therapy…
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