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Weight Lifting Technique

Sep 25, 2015

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You have decided that losing weight will be a great idea for your back. Then you notice that lifting weights is only aggravating the situation. This may be for many different reasons but the most common one is improper lifting techniques. Lifting correctly will not only increase strength but help you lose that extra weight.

Don’t do too much weight

The number one cause of injury results from people wanting to look like superman. Just so you know superman is a fictional character. Go at your space and do things that challenge you not that kill you.

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Quick jerking motions are unnatural and unhelpful. The slower and more thought at the move the more it will focus on your muscle and not on your bone structure. Jerking motions most effect the lower back.

Get a good blood flow

Do a nice little bit of cardio nothing that will deplete you of the energy you have stored up. Just something for the blood to flow through the capillaries and to your muscles.


Proper technique is key. If you don’t know how to do a certain exercise look it up. The internet has a great plethora of information to help you out.

Have FUN!

If you aren’t having fun this isn’t going to help. How you feel affects how your body feels. If you aren’t happy while exercising there will be no positive changes in your body.

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