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Spinal Health

Oct 6, 2016

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Your spine provides you with movement and supports your head, shoulders and pelvic girdle. It protects your central nervous system and allows it to function properly through the spinal cord, which controls the function of every cell tissue and organ in the human body. To put it simply, a healthy spine is crucial to maintaining an overall healthy body.

Here are a few more detailed reasons why your spinal health is so important:

  • The spinal cord gives you the ability to bend and twist, so when it is injured your mobility is limited. If you accidentally injure your spine, wear it out over time or have consistent bad posture, you might have difficulty sitting up straight, bending over, picking things up, walking, twisting your spine or moving your neck.
  • The nervous system runs electrical impulses up and down the spine to the areas that feel sensation. When the spinal cord is damaged it can disrupt neural responses and disable sensations in different parts of the body.
  • When you swallow food and water, it travels down your throat and into the esophagus, finally reaching the stomach. Your esophagus is parallel with your spine and if you injure the spine, it can press against your esophagus, obstruct it or puncture it. Surgery would typically be required to prevent further damage and fix the obstructed or punctured esophagus.
  • Incorrect movement, intense exercise and bad posture can add unnecessary pressure to the spine, which can cause degenerative diseases over time. Abnormal movement and improper stance can inflict wear and tear on your spinal structure, leading to injuries that require surgery and permanent damage to spinal discs and joints.
  • Without a properly functioning spine, your quality of life can deteriorate greatly. You won’t be able to enjoy many activities you love because of hindered mobility and the stress on your spine is extremely painful.

Spinal problems can start to occur as early as the late twenties, though many begin earlier due to injury or bad posture. To prevent injury to your spine or further spinal deterioration, you should strengthen your spine with exercise. Stretch daily and practice proper posture when sitting, standing, sleeping, exercising and playing sports.

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