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Best Sleeping Positions

Oct 28, 2015

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There are really not that many sleeping positions, in fact we will name them all for you right now. Side, back, and belly. All three offer different pros and cons. There are obviously some variations to these but most of them do not affect the spine. Moving arms and legs to different positions don’t change much.

This is probably the best position you can be in for your back. It allows the spine to align correctly and relieves tension unlike other positions
Snoring. So… hopefully you are sleeping alone or enjoy back pain the rest of your life.

Second best position for your back as it elongates it. This can also help reduce acid reflux and snoring
Wrinkles. You are going to sleep great but you are going to age faster.

There really isn’t any real benefit to sleeping like this except maybe it helps you fall asleep faster in some cases.
Bye bye back. Snoring. Do we really need to say anything else?

Obviously the most difficult part about sleeping is that… you have no idea what position you are in. The only thing you can control is the position you fall asleep in and then your body takes over. Do the best you can to train your body to sleep back or side and enjoy life.

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