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Are Chiropractors Doctors?

Jan 25, 2017

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One prevalent misconception surrounding chiropractors is that they are not “real” doctors or health professionals, and that consequently laser therapy clinics, decompression therapy, and other procedures are unstructured or unregulated. But in truth, Chiropractors are licensed health care providers in every state in the U.S. and in dozens of countries around the world. In order to become a chiropractor, a Doctorate of Chiropractics or a D.C. is required from a chiropractic college. Just like their medical counterparts, chiropractic school is extremely rigorous and in many aspects virtually identical to medical school. Chiropractic students are required to complete a residency as part of their education, working in a clinical setting with real patients, under the supervision of a licensed professional. Upon their graduation, chiropractic students must pass four sets of national board exams and a state board exam in the state where they intend to practice. Chiropractors, just like medical doctors, are subject to the same type of testing procedures, licensing and monitoring by state and national peer-reviewed boards to ensure that they are within necessary standards of excellence.

While there certainly have been misunderstandings in history between medical doctors and chiropractic doctors, opinions have now changed for the better. Information and education have thankfully helped not only medical doctors, but also the general public develop a better understanding of what it is that Chiropractors do. Both professions find themselves working together more and more, and it is not uncommon for hospitals to have chiropractors on staff or alternatively, chiropractic offices with medical doctors on staff. As the two fields of medicine embrace and work together, using their unique abilities to help each other, the patient is truly able to benefit from the best possible care.

We in particular are blessed in this regard to have both laser therapy and decompression therapy available in Boise. A laser therapy clinic provides non intrusive, wavelength based, laser therapy to Boise residences, promoting healing, decreasing recovery time, and can be used without medication. When these methods are used in conjunction with other medical and chiropractic care, patients have the strongest possibility for speedy, healthy and effective solutions.

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