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Now you may finally experience the relief you’ve been looking for. I’ll demonstrate it with two free visits.

I’ve spent my career becoming one of the area’s leading back pain relief experts. Stop hurting and start healing. I can show you how. Dr. Jamie Ricks, D.C.

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Boise Spinal Decompression. Laser Therapy.

No One Takes Care of Boise
Like We Do!

Welcome to Advantage Spine and Disc in Boise, Idaho. Have you tried other spinal decompression protocols and not got the relief you were hoping for? You have just discovered a unique one-of-a-kind program designed to help you live pain free. Our protocol has helped hundreds of people find lasting pain relief with class IV laser therapy and non-surgical spinal decompression.

If you want to stop the nagging pain that is controlling your life, then you have found the right place! If we can help, you will know it fast. We offer one of the only High Power Deep Tissue pain relief laser programs in the Treasure Valley (this is not your typical low power cold laser therapy!) and have combined it with specialized non surgical, non invasive, spinal decompression to deliver unprecedented results. Get your life back, live pain free!

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Start living without pain

You may have tried everything to get better, yet still suffer with pain. We know the reason...others have been too busy chasing your pain with ineffective therapies, instead of fixing the problem. There is a method that can succeed even if you've been told you have to live with your pain or that there was nothing else to do. Too often most therapies only focus on your site of pain. Our secret to pain relief is to look where you DON'T hurt to fix the areas where you DO hurt! Then we administer our high power deep tissue pain relief laser to BOTH areas and you WILL feel better. Simple...yet profound! So much so that nearly every major news network has premiered the treatment as one of the largest medical breakthroughs of the decade.

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What Boise thinks

“” – Patient Testimonial Video

“Prior to being treated at Advantage Walk-In Chiropractic, I had never darkened the doors of a chiropractor in my seventy five years. I went because my wife would not got unless I would go, and since I have suffered with lower back pain since the age of seventeen (I was a bomb loader in the air force-I was told...” – DH

“Dr. Ricks, I feel like a different person since I’ve been having my body popped back into place. I don’t have the hurting in my neck, shoulders, and back like I used to have. The therapy helps too. It’s nice to not hurt anymore. Thanks, also to Malerie, Chelsey & the rest of the crew. YOU ARE ALL THE...” – BE

“I had bursitis in my left hip. I had a pretisone shot which helped for a while, but I also had a reaction to the shot so when the pain came back I couldn’t have another shot. I then read the article in the newspaper about the laser treatment Dr. Ricks was giving so I went for a six...” – RB

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